Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Anyone Out There?

Lets' see...

I finished my meds and so far, so good. I am pain free and infection free, but it is still hard to eat. I do and am doing okay...but there is a little fear each time I have to eat. I made the mistake of eating some broccoli too soon and so anything that might have more fiber in it (though it helps with not having another infection) scares me a little. I had an apple last night at work (I wish they would have fruit ALL the time. I think it would sell at other events.) and it was fine. So, I tuink it is safe.

Our SP is back from Sabbatical and it has been a fairly smooth transition to "back to normal." I know there will be some changes (good ones) as a result of his time away and I am looking forward to them. We meet tomorrow for an hour or so to talk about the last few months and where I need his help ASAP. We talked a bit after staff meeting yesterday and it was really positive. I think tomorrow will be a good meeting.

I am almost at my 260 hours at the HP and I will be off probation. Most jobs have a 60-90 thing, but because we are event based, they do our probationary period by hours worked. I'll get a raise and that's about it...but it will good to know I have passed that milestone. I think I am just over 40 hours shy of the 260. This month I have had three 5 hour days already and I still work three more nights this week that should be 5+ hours. The rest will add up.

Our Presbytery JH Retreat is coming up the 2nd weekend in March and I am working on stuff for that. Getting the order sheets ready to fax to the camp next week, finalizing the schedule for approval of the rest of the committee, working with the speaker to get what I need from him to do the booklets, etc. It is going to weird to be there with our kids and yet not be "with them." With all my duties while we are there (registration, Friday's group game, MCing, etc.) I am going to stay in a leadership cabin so I can sleep when I need to and be up when I need to. The bummer thing is DST starts while we are there! We lose an hour our last night! Ugh!

Haven't heard anything from Saddleback yet...who knows? I am so excited about the possibility, but since I have not received anything other than Katie's acknowledgment...I am thinking it is thanks, but no thanks.

Oh...GO SHARKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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Dreaming again said...

hey there. I'd be careful with the apple peelings. My Mother in law peels them, my dad doesn't. Dad's had a few more attacks than MIL.

The apple itself is very good for the diverticulitis ...the peeling, can get caught.

I'm glad your probationary period is over ...but I'm betting you're going to get a great review! Yes, my friend, you will deserve it! AND the raise that will go along with it.

Hope you're having a good day.