Friday, February 23, 2007

Disney on Ice

Wednesday night started a return engagement of Disney on Ice. It is an awesome show and I like it a lot. They did a great job with The Incredibles storyline and tying it in with Disneyland. During the Haunted Mansion segment I find myself reciting the "spiel" because I know it so well. I work tonight and then tomorrow morning and then that's it until Monday when the Sharks come home! I'm not going to see this show because I don't want to go alone and my mom doesn't want to see this one. So, I will have a nice break until church Sunday and the Sharks/PAC-10 Women's Tourney next weekend.

Of course, this show is making me more excited to go down to OC in April for PDCM and Disneyland! I still need to figure out where I am going to stay, etc. Anna is out after the way her husband treated me (and her) when I was there last year. OMG...I see the woman (who I have known since she was FOURTEEN) ONCE a year. My bet is I won't even get to see her this year. I get the baggage from his first marriage...I get the wounds that are still there...but Anna is NOT that woman and all I want to do is see someone who started out as a kid in my small group and became a great friend. Sigh... I may see if I can stay in Buena Park with my friend Gina for a few days and then a hotel closer to Saddleback for the conference. I don't mind commuting from Irvine (really don't want to do it from Anaheim) the rest of the week.

Debra gave me ownership of the JH Retreat and then took it away...I think without realizing it...and it's just annoying. I need and will talk to her...but I am taking a break for the next month or so. Part of that is because I will be working some stuff at the HP. My one reservation about saying anything is that she will profusely apologize and then do it again in a couple months. For the most part, this is OK because I have a lot to do leadership/registration wise for the retreat, but that is kinda not the point.

Next month I meet with my JH Student Leaders and we'll plan the dreaded Easter Egg Hunt for Easter. At least I was able to change it to BEFORE church so the kids (and me) can stay IN church for the whole service. That's been a huge pet peeve of mine since I got there. Now if I could just get them to let me cancel it completely... I have to say that this team of 5 Jr. Highrs is probably the best thing I have done for the new year. They are committed, their parents are committed to have them at meetings and the teachers are giving me great reports back on them.

That's kind of it. I have been so busy at the HP that when I at church I try to focus there on what needs to be done. After we are done with the latest Saddleback DVD series, it is back to regular WoRM and I need to find teachers...and the "empty tomb" recipe! The kids have been asking about it for months and we haven't done a cooking rotation for a few months.

Still nothing about the position at Saddleback. I am guessing that it was a no go and they had too many applicants to get back to everyone...or, as I said before, Katie's acknowledgment, was a thank you sending it...that's it...type thing. Not that I am unhappy where I am and I LOVE the HP...but I do miss OC and my friends and Disneyland and would love the chance to go back if God wants me to.


Da Youth Guy said...

Well, I'm sorry if the Saddleback thing really fell through but I'm annoyed that you weren't told one way or the other. I used to do that kind of job in a previous life. It doesn't take much to write a form letter and send it out to everyone. It ESPECIALLY shouldn't be hard for a faith community. And one of that size most especially!


Joann said...

Cool job!