Tuesday, April 17, 2007

I Can Die a Happy Woman Pt. 2

I had the absolute joy and pleasure of working "in the bowl" last night for game #3. One of the best things about working at the HP is that we get moved around and get to learn a bunch of different jobs within our department. For the most part, we never know where we will be until the assignments go up the day of the event. I was really expecting to be outside the bowl as I have not been inside for the last few games of the season. I was absolutely "giddy" when I saw I was going to get me be inside and in a section where I have worked before which lowers my anxiety immensely. Not that I get too anxious anymore...but this is playoffs! A whole new ball o' wax!

Not sure if I can adequately describe what it is like being in the bowl for a game like last night's game. The energy was so different than the other games. They gave white pom poms out at the doors and when we scored...to look around and see the bowl turn white as people shook them and the noise and the music and the excitement...wow! It means a lot to me since I know I will not be in the bowl Wednesday as I am Inside Director. However, this means I get to experience it all from a whole different POV.

Guests were so kind last night and so much fun! At least in my section. I was high fived...I was hugged (always a shock), I was told what a good job I was doing and no one sat in the wrong seat! :) At the end, we do "Three Stars of the Game" and three kids receive an autographed souvenir stick. The big rules is to not let kids hang on the glass as parents put them on their shoulders or hold them up. We get to the #1 Star and Mike Grier headed right toward where a little girl was with her dad in my section. She couldn't quite get up even with her dad, so we boosted her up a little more together and she got the stick! A guest told me that was a really nice thing to do and asked me if I'd lift HIM up on Wednesday. I love my job!


Da Youth Guy said...

It's great to "hear" the joy in your voice when I read your posts about working at HP. Glad you had a good time.

Now if my Penguins could just get their fannies in gear!


Brian said...

At least your boys are in. As for the Bruins...ahh, nevermind. Go Joe...

Joann said...

They won tonight. Fun coming your way.