Friday, September 21, 2007

Where Do I Start??

I'll start here! Tonight we have our pre-season home opener. We play tonight and tomorrow at home. Tonight against the Ducks and tomorrow against Vancouver. I am really excited!

The rest of this....

1. Made my three year. I almost forgot about it. I was thinking about it (obviously, as I mentioned it in my last post) and then got busy with life stuff.

2. I have dealt with a lot of stuff in therapy, but have continually run, hid and escaped the sexual abuse issues. Mainly because I have minimized it (I know people who have been through a zillion times worse, etc.) and partly because the feelings are pretty much just as they were 25 years ago. This occurred to me Monday when the topic came up and so did the feelings from right after the molestation. Rob thought I was trying to dodge the topic yesterday. Nope. Just stalling a bit.

He asked me if I wanted to try EMDR again and I said yes. We have tried it a couple times with no success. The two things standing in my way have been not wanting to lose emotional control and not being able to firmly establish a safe place. The former popped into my head as I thought about the whole EMDR thing after my session yesterday and the latter we worked on yesterday and I think that will be OK.

I trust Rob and have for a long time, but I think it has taken me almost five years to really understand that. It dawned on me yesterday that I now out him in the same category as my chiropractor and that is HUGE. I don't think I have ever put trust in anyone (person) as much as I have Doug and to truly put Rob right up there is a big deal for me.

3. My aunt and uncle from Seattle will be here tomorrow. I am really glad that I work most of their stay.


joann said...

Good job.

Jeff Greathouse said...

Thanks for stopping by. Hopefully all at the arena goes smoothly.

DaYouthGuy said...

Really good stuff!