Thursday, October 25, 2007

It's Heeeeere!

Last night was the first night of "HSM: The Ice Tour." The first half appears to be HSM and the second HSM 2. I think it went well. The guests seemed to enjoy the show and the little I got to see last night looks pretty good. Tonight I am at the dressing rooms so it will be Friday at the earliest that I might get to see the show.

During the run I have a couple kids from church coming to see it. One of them can come hunt me down, but I am not working the second shift Saturday so I'll miss seeing "V." If I could work a double...

I was at our south info booth last night and I found myself humming the songs or singing under my breath. I have only seen the first movie ONCE. I think it may be because I also heard the pep rally thing at DCA for days in a row, would catch stuff on the Disney Channel as I was changing channels, etc. Let's face's all over the place! AHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!


Dreaming again said...

would you believe ... I've never heard the music for it, or seen it ... I guess that's what happens when you turn cable off for a bit huh?

Jeff Greathouse said...

Hey girl, can you please contact me via email. I need to ask you a favor (small)