Wednesday, October 24, 2007

I've Been TAGGED!

I was reading Jeff's blog yesterday when lo and behold...I had been tagged! I am to tell you what I was doing 10,20 and 30 years ago. Hmmmm....

October 1997

I had finished up a great summer as a Program Director for Laurel Pines and was back at the Crystal Cathedral in Donor Services and a high school ministry volunteer. I was commuting between La Verne and Garden Grove and was just about to begin interviewing for my first paid youth position.

October 1987

This was my sophomore year in high school and I was almost 18! FINALLY! I had a great roommate and we had just gone through Rush Week and were now pledges of Alpha Delta Pi. We were in the midst of midterms and I was on both the newspaper and the radio station as a DJ.

October 1977

I have no clue. Let's see...I was almost 8 years old and I had my party at Aloha Roller Palace when I got my first pair of "real" roller skates. I had recently begun taking group lessons and loved every minute at the rink!

I tag Len, Gman, Mykel, Mel and PK.

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