Tuesday, February 26, 2008

The Mind is a Terrible Thing...

We kicked off week 4 of "Are You a Bigger Loser Than Marko?" this week. My head is doing weird things. Like I had dinner the other night and as I was debating if the food should stay in my body I would have sworn that I could see my stomach getting bigger than it is now.

Today, after I worked out I would have sworn the same thing. It was like the shower gave my stomach time to expand about three inches.

The worst thing (okay...trying to keep from relapsing is the worst thing) is I have lost almost x number of pounds and you can't even tell. I am such a cow that it doesn't even show. Hours at the gym and eating well (okay...I generally do...maybe "barely eating" is more truthful) and you'd never know I have lost the weight.


Dreaming again said...


Amy said...

I thought I would get all befuddled if I did the lose weight with Marko thing...so I declined.

I am praying for you...and remember, the way you see yourself isn't the way the rest of us see you. That may not help a lot, but I've been shocked to realized that people don't see me as a fat, worthless blob.

You rock and I am praying for you.

Chris said...

Wow what courage I would never have joined in. I have a hard enough time without that kind of pressure. Remember if your body thinks it is starving it will hold onto what it has and loosing will be harder. Eat healthy so the body has the fuel it needs to burn fat.

I am praying be wise a cautious. Love ya!

Anonymous said...

hey deneice, i'm sending you a hug - it's a week later but I just saw your blog from feb 26. what I see is a lovely, generous, caring person, who, like many of us, is much harder on herself than any of us would be on you.

Take care, friend, and be at peace. you are a beloved child of God, made in God's image. Eat healthy and let the rest be what it is. julie