Thursday, August 14, 2008

I'm #4!!!!!

That title sounds extremely funny to my ears! With all the Olympic hoopla and the wanting to be #1 (and yes, I get why) the fact that I am #4 and thrilled with it just makes me giggle.

I was at the HP yesterday and we were in a meeting to talk about some special event circus stuff as well as an upcoming disaster drill. Mike was letting me and Pam know who he is thinking of inviting to staff the drill. he said he wanted the high performing ushers and whipped out "The List."

Now, because I work in the Event Office as an usher for events, I learned about "The List" last year. Not sure where I fell, not sure who rated me what...but I knew it existed.

Mike pulls it out and tells me it's the usher ratings. Then he tells me not to worry I scored very high. Believe me, I wasn't worried. I was curious where I ranked, but not worried. Let's face it, no matter how high I scored this year, with my office work and lack of ushering shifts, my score is bound to go down next year!

He checks the list and tells me that I am #4. Out of 200+ ushers I am #4. Wow.

In theory I guess I shouldn't be so surprised. I know what I try to do when I am there and yet I am still surprised. Happy about it, but surprised. Then I try to over analyze my motives. WHY have I worked hard? Why this, why that, why "whatever." I try not to do that too much because it can and will drive me bonkers!

I am trying to focus on the fact I LOVE being an usher, I love the people (most of them...probably 95% of them) I work with, I love most of the guests that come through our doors, etc. Since I "love" so much about what I do there it stands to reason that my rating would be what it is for this year. But since when does "reason" do well in my head?

The "voice" is there reminding me I don't deserve to be rated so high, that I just fake all this to get a high rating, that I did it by kissing up to the sups (OK...that one I can actually refute easily), etc. Rob always says don't fight it, just it it play out, etc. Easier said than done. Well, in a few hours we'll have an hour to talk about it!

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Amy said...

Wow, congrats on doing such a great job!