Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Normal...Friday was "Normal"

I have to admit that while Rob was on vacation I didn't do a whole lot of pondering about anything we have been talking about. Not sure how much of it was a conscience decision to put all that aside while he was in Mexico. Before he left I sent him a couple emails and that was it until the "highlight" email I sent him on Sunday.

When I had my cutting slip June 2007 Rob called me on the word "slip." I didn't do it on was a choice so how could it be a slip? That's the terminology I have been using for YEARS and at one point I did tell him I could have stopped, I could have called him...but I chose not to...I get the personal responsibility thing. Ever since then I try not to use the word "slip." I don't remember what we were talking about that last session, but I was talking about the fact I am heading toward 4 years of no purging and except for the one cutting. HE used the word slip and we kind of got into it because he was so against that word. I emailed him to apologize for they way I reacted.

ANYWAY...I just didn't kind of let it all go. Not that things didn't pop up in my head, but I just tried to follow my goal from Toni (intuitive eating stuff...sorry...Boost pudding is breakfast) and ignore everything else.

Got invited to the Supervisors outing to the San Jose Giants game last Friday. I was surprised. I am not a supervisor, I am a lowly positioning assistant. But Mike invited me, Yvette and Patrick anyway. I took my grandpa with me and off we went to watch the Giants play the Modesto Nuts!

I still don't do well with food and large groups. It makes me nervous, I never know what I should eat, etc. Even when it is people I am fairly comfortable with I have a hard time. So, I looked at my dinner ticket over and over and the three options and chose the chicken. A good choice on many levels. We got out dinners, I went over and got our beer and went and sat with a bunch of people. It was refreshing that NO ONE cared! I should say that for the first time in a long time it dawned on me that NO ONE cared! No one cared what my choice of sides were, no one cared I couldn't finish it all (it was a lot of chicken and I purposely didn't eat a lot that day...oh wait...I usually do that!) and no one cared that I had a churro and a few cookies later!

Karen's (she's a sup) husband didn't want to do musical chairs. Somehow I got talked into it. It was me, Yvette, Shawn's (he's a sup) wife and Mike. I am not sure why I gave in so easily, but I did and played. I thought for sure I'd get out first! It came down to Mike and I. He won. Grrrr... It was so much fun and I didn't really think how stupid I probably looked.


I came home from that night just feeling so "normal" for the first time in months. I dawned on me after that the whole week had felt fairly "normal."

I the the beach...I cannot tell you the last time I did that. I wasn't 100% self-conscious about it either. I was with the junior highers and it was fun! We called Paul a wimp ("I am secure in my "wimpiness"), made him come in sans wet suit, we ate ice cream and sang all the way home.

There is a one problem with "normal." I can DO normal. I can push all the other stuff aside and be "normal" and it will last. In fact, it can last a long time and I can forget everything that is under the surface until something happens and blows "normal" to pieces. I won't truly be able to do "normal" until the under the surface stuff keeps getting talked about. There are times though, that the stuff that lurks seems scarier to deal with than the promise of normal.


DaYouthGuy said...

Hooray for normal! You made my day with that great post, I'm really happy for you.

You need to know this though - to a greater or lesser degree - that stuff coming along and blowing away normal happens to a lot of us. And we all need to talk about it and drag it up into the light.

Keep on doing what you're doing. the normal will get easier!

Amy said...

This is a great post! I really understand "normal" and well, not normal. Thanks for saying all this!