Thursday, September 04, 2008

No Longer a Probie!

Okay...not that type of probation...but I liked the patch!

Yesterday I got to work and it was time for Mike and Pam to be in meetings. Pam was in one meeting and then Mike went into one or two more. He finally emerges and calls us into his office. I grab notes I have, the positioning for one of the weekend events and my pen.

We sit down and Mike closes the door. That is truly a rarity. First off he tells us that we will not be moving desks! Woo hoo! Now we can get things unpacked from last week and have a functional desk again! He said there was really no real reason for us to move and moving Patrick to our spot wouldn't make a difference (efficiency wise) on way or another.

I also have some data entry stuff that will be added to my growing list of duties. And I do mean growing! This is coming from another area and this is viewed as a good thing...others are taking notice.

Then Mike tells me that my probation period is over. I laughed. I told him I knew we talked about it before I was hired and it totally left my head and thought process. I told him nothing I have done has been because I was on probation so he doesn't have to worry things will change. Just the day before yesterday he made some comment that I am too good at my job and there is no way I would change anything. After this month Pam and I are not to work on events together (not that we have much anyway...but he doesn't realize that). He wants us to work on Sharks together since this will be new for me...but he said that I have shown the learning curve will be short. So, we will do the pre-season together and the opening night and after that I am on my own!

We went on with our day...I called the minors telling them if I don't have their work permit this weekend they will be sent home, printed out a check list for Sharks to become familiar with it pre-positioning and got ready for the hiring session.

I am getting more comfortable with the process and it's easier to turn people away when I know they will not fit with our department. I passed three onto Decision Makers. Mike passed the first one onto the PDI, Eric (dork!) rejected my 2nd and I left before #3 got to the DM. If 2 of the 3 are hired I'll be happy. I think all three would have been good, but the 1st and last ones were my favorites.

I went downstairs to grab my stuff and Pam followed shortly after. We talked for a little while and I was laughing about the spacing out my probation. She said he may have told me today, but she figured it was over the day he started giving me more stuff to do. I told her that my first candidate I passed on Mike was the DM and was so glad he passed through. Pam said Mike trusts my judgement and thinks very highly of me.

Don't ask me why I'm stunned...but I am!

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