Friday, March 02, 2007

A Free Moment...

I just put the finishing touched on our Children's Ministry Volunteer Handbook. My SP needs to look at it and then Session needs to look at it and then we need to implement it. I may try and hold off until fall. Most of the stuff we are already doing that is why I'd like the hold off. Plus, by the time I make changes, Session approves it, etc. the "year" will be over and we actually gear down at summer except for VBS.

Tonight the PAC-10 Women's Tourney begins and I am looking forward to it. I start in five hours so I have a little down time. I will probably find a place to go and read...maybe go to the mall and get *gasp* something to eat. Right now I'm not hungry, but I know I need to eat something before we start tonight. Our 15 minute break is not enough time to sit down and eat anything, just to sit down and inhale something!

I have been kicking around what "compliant" means and how much I am being "compliant" because that's what I do...and how much I am being compliant because I want to be free...I want to not struggle with food and the issues behind it. I guess I should reverse that. I do the latter and the former will happen. Not that I am doing terribly because I'm not...compared to 7 years ago...compared to four years ago...but I know I am also not where I should be and I am not sure what is holding me back from diving in. I sometimes get frustrated with that...Rob is ALWAYS frustrated with it as he shared with me yesterday. I'll see him 2 days next week and then the next two weeks it will only be once because of my schedule. Could be interesting.


Dreaming again said...

I want your job at the HP

Joann said...

Hi--Wish "The Police" would come to the HP