Wednesday, August 22, 2007

I Should Quit Seeing Movies...

So, this summer I have seen:

and most recently:

When I see movies like that and read her books:

I want to quit everything and go to culinary school! Actually, I think i would hate it and could take the joy of cooking away from me. But, my "inner chef" is absolutely taken in by all of it. I think that's why I like "Good Eats" so much. It gets into the science of cooking. While science wasn't my best subject, I am amazed how stuff works and why baking has to be so precise in measurements compared to other types of cooking.

With the job at the HP I don't cook near as much as I did a year ago. I really need to change that, but when I am rushing from one job to the next I don't have time to do anything complicated. I know I could go out and get some 30 minute meals books, but the stuff she makes rarely appeals to me.

I'd take hobby classes, but it's hard to do it when I am not always sure when I'll be working. I think the ones at Sur la Table are a little pricey, but would be worth it.

Actually, I am already looking forward to my Christmas baking! I know, it's August, but I bought my first Christmas recipe magazine on Monday.

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