Tuesday, November 20, 2007


Sunday night I was back with the Junior Highers...oh wait...this made TWO weeks in a row! Woot! Seriously though...there are times I hate making the choice between them and the HP, but I also know I have to work so sacrifices need to be made. However, I am gladly sacrificing Van Halen to have a Christmas Party with the kids!

We took a little different perspective on thankfulness and used the story of the 10 lepers. We talked about taking people for granted and who might THEY need to thank for something big or even something little. I was THRILLED and I do mean THRILLED that I got not ONE card! It's such a default for them...thank you card...make sure we do one for Queenie/Chocolate Milk the First (one was my camp name from when some of the kids went to Junior Getaway Camp with me and the second is from an illustration the speaker from last year's JH Retreat used) and one for Pony (that is the nickname for Paul, the other JH volunteer).

We stared out with a "Create a Turkey" contest...

This was followed by the lesson and then Turkey Bowling! We wrapped up the turkey's carefully and they were not damaged in the short time we bowled. The turkey's were taken to Second Harvest yesterday morning.

I think I should have posted this after the other post I want to write...bit oh well!

Anyway, we are off this weekend because of the holiday and have a full December planned. I think I am finding my rhythm not being here each week and this is a great thing!

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