Tuesday, November 27, 2007


Thanksgiving went fine. It's been the days since that have been difficult. For some odd reason, I managed to roast the turkey breast side down (how I managed that and didn't notice is beyond me) and my mom said it was the best turkey ever! So I cooked and I ate and I really am not sure if it was "too much" or not. I don't think so. I was full, but the idea of purging the food to feel empty and better did not enter my mind at all. That absolutely blew me away when I realized it hours later. My mom only mentioned being stuffed five time (yes, I counted) and no one got drunk! Woot!

Each since then it has been hard to eat and I have pretty much forced myself. I am not sure how much is a mental block and how much is honestly food on top of food on top of more food is actually a physical thing. With the stomach emptying problem I guess it is possible that some of this is physical...it feels that way!

It was a busy weekend at the HP and we start up again tomorrow and Friday with Sharks games. I love the energy in the building on game nights! Very cool. Yesterday I dropped a boatload of $$ at the Sharks Store buying a belated birthday gift for Lily, a couple of Christmas gifts and a long sleeved t-shirt for me! I can't wait until my hockey sweater (jersey...whatever) comes in! I had my last name with '06 on it (my hire year).

My shopping is almost done. My grandfather is becoming the hard person to shop for! I am holding off on more Sharks stuff for him.

I start house sitting next Monday (woo hoo!) and will start my baking next week as well. I just need to decide what I want to make for sure!

We are decorating the church for Advent/Christmas on Saturday. I am really glad we don't have an event Saturday night. It always makes for a LONG day!

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Friar Tuck said...

Good to hear about the growth in your family and in your life.

So glad you are doing better.