Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Grandfather's Surgery Tomorrow & "Stuff"

First off...have I mentioned how thrilled I am we finally have a Panera sort of near me? It is actually closer to the church, but I am thrilled to death we have one. There will be another one...less than a mile from the church in a few short weeks. This is one of the few things that I miss about the Midwest. Sort of weird it is actually FOOD related...but it was the only place I could buy sourdough bread. Can you believe it? I went to all the grocery stores in the area when I moved to Indiana that year and NONE of them carried my beloved sourdough. It took me a few months to realze that...duh...I could buy it from Panera. Okay, it's not like was I doing GOOD things with the bread either...but I generally kept down their soups and salads. It was a "safe" place for me to eat. That is probably why I missed it.

So, here I am...happily on free wi-fi and enjoying the calm before the storm. Toni will be thrilled to hear I ate a bagel when I see her in about an hour and a half. A little too early for their soup.

My grandfather has his surgery tomorrow. I have been pretty calm about it (I think), but when we were at "The Lion King," it sunk in a little more. He really liked it, but he was also a little distracted. He did his pre-op stuff yesterday and they told him we have to be back at the hospital by 5:30 AM. Not sure what time his surgery is scheduled though. I'll take a quick break to go see Rob and then back to the hospital. There is a chance they can do this OP...I am not holding my breath!

I almost wish I could bail on the ski trip...but I need to watch Lily and it will be fun to be with the high school group again. It is awesome how God works. I have no idea what is in store for me with YM in the long term. But for right now, in this moment...I LOVE being a volunteer again and am grateful for the chance to keep myself in the fray a bit.

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