Tuesday, February 07, 2006

I PROMISE...I Am NOT Making This Stuff Up!

If someone came to me (even someone I trusted) and told me what I have been sharing about my my grandmother and grandfather, I would begin to wonder if it was the truth. In the past several weeks how can ALL of this medical stuff be going on??? Well, they do say truth is stranger than fiction and this is the truth.


1. My grandfather goes to get his arteries cleaned out and stents put in next Thursday.

2. He has put off his other appt. (he is having trouble sawllowing) until after the surgery.

3. My grandmother was supposed to have an EMG done on Monday. BUT...

4. Thursday she broke her wrist opening a bottle of juice and now has a soft cast up to her elbow.

I get they are getting "up there" in years. Well...my grandmother is 80 something...but my grandfather is only like 71.

Ugh. I also need to share some stuff about "abandonment" I need help with...but that will have to be later.


Pk said...

Ugh! Sorry so much is going on ...

I'm praying for you!

We can chat by IM now ... I'm baaaa'aack!!!


Tony Myles said...