Sunday, June 04, 2006

I Gave In...NO! Not That!

I made my mother sit down across from me and not get up, not move (except to me info I needed)or anything until we were done with the application. We think we figured out where "I" (she) goofed. There is a question about being turned down by another Albertson's in the last 6 months. She really wasn't...she had a "pre-interview" type thing with someone at another store who had no business doing that so she had me answer "yes" the first time. This time we changd it and we'll see it happens. She outright lied on a couple questions ("I never say anything that hurts people," "I never swear when I argue")...but "whatever."

My mom tends to "apologize" with things or whatever. She took me out to sinner last night. Like that solved anything, but I went.

Yesterday morning she said she was selling the house and moving to Arizona. She thinks she'll like it. She has been there ONCE...for a week...SIX years ago for my Family Week. Okay, I love it myself...a lot...but I am not sure she'd like it as much as she thinks she would.

I have had a ton of chances to give in and I haven't and I have to admit...I am actually a little happy about that one.

However, VBS is going to send me over the edge! Not really...but close enough. I need one more station leader (we start three weeks from tomorrow) and no one says yes. High School Mission Project my foot! I think FIVE high school kids are helping...out of close to 20. If I hadn't been told (told...not asked) they were ALL going to help I wuld have recruited for this AGES ago. I have been trying for the last month. All I got at church today was, "Good luck."


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Friar Tuck said...

isnt it amazing how many ways people can botch up communication?