Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Look! A New Post!

I know...I know...I really need to blog more. I love my 2nd job...but it gets in the way of my blogging!

I just came off a W, TH, F, SA, M schedule there...nothing else until this Thursday! They started putting me in Club aisles at work which puts me roughly 16 rows up from the ice for hockey games! I also did my first real floor assignment for a concert and was on the floor for the Harlem Globetrotters. I love the fact they move us all over!

Saturday I was working a double and during my second shift a cool thing happened. I almost hesitate to put it here...but no one knows about the blog at the other place so I think I am safe. Anyway, I had worked the doors and then got to "do breaks." This means I get a slip of paper with names on it and their assigned place. I find them and give them their 15 break. During this time, one of the sups comes up to me and shakes my hand. He says, "I have to tell you, you are my favorite new hire." He tells me (which he has done in the past) that he loves my attitude, my willingness to do whatever is asked, my smile, etc. Then he told me that the whole staff "just loves you." WOW! This is good because I was convinced that "T" didn't like me. "D" said that was just his personality. I hope so!

I shared this on YMX, but here it is again:

I think I have reached my last straw. Tuesday at staff meeting Debra said that the Girls' Night was not going to happen but it may be a movie night instead. Not a problem. I wasn't scheduled to work the HP on Friday and so I asked to work.

Tonight (Sunday) I find out that it IS going to happen and all the females and their moms were emailed today and told about after church. Everyone, that is, about me. I am going to stick around until our SP gets back (he's back the 4th) and talk to him before I decide to step away. I'm sorry. If I were in her position and never had ONE meeting with her volunteers in 6 months...I'd be out the door.

Which I followed up by asking these questions:

1. Am I the problem? Am I not being flexible to her leadership style?
2. Am I being self-centered because this seems like it is all about me?
3. Do my concerns ignore what is best for our youth ministry?
4. I am really not needed there anymore? That really is a valid question.
5. Maybe I deserve this?

1. I could be part of the problem. It is conflict. It usually takes two people. I don't think it is a matter of not being flexible to her style (I go with the flow, lead something at the last second which is when she usually asks, etc.), but not getting hat her style is...or that her style is to not keep volunteers informed unless they are parent volunteers.

2. This is a tricky one. As I told Rob, Paul (the other non-parent volunteer) really doesn't care if he is in the loop or not. His response when asked to do something by Debra and even by me if I am leading something is, "Yes, master." I guess it is about me as far as wanting to be informed so I don't look like an idiot when parents ask me a question and I am clueless. So, while the issue itself is not all about me...not wanting to look stupid is and I am not sure that is a problem. If volunteers are uninformed that doesn't help the youth ministry.

3 & 4. If I take a good look at this one...I am the only female weekly volunteer in our YM. Parents come in and help with events and teach from time to time...but I am the only consistent female volunteer. While my focus is JH...we do combine for the first half of the group and so I am there for our HS girls a bit as well...but that is more Debra's gig. IF Debra is only here for a year (it is a year to year thing) and we go back to a 100% volunteer ministry and I step away there will be no female leaders...period. So...my first thought is that my concerns, if nothing is done, can hurt our YM unless other women step up. If I'm gone maybe that would happen. I'm not holding my breath though. She tells me I am needed, but has a funny way of showing it.

5. Okay...that isn't a "real" question as far as figuring this stuff out...just a default reaction to all of it.

Not making any real decision yet. It has meant so much to be back in YM and to have been asked by my SP to come back as a volunteer was/is pretty cool.

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Da Youth Guy said...

Good questions and good honest answers I think. It might be good to say to the SP, "I've thought about this and these are some of the questions and answers I've come up with so far. What's your take?"

He may or may not take the lead but you can walk away from the meeting feeling that you've been honest and above board.

Have you asked Debra about not getting the e-mail? My tendency is always what a former employer referred to as my "full frontal assault" style. He didn't seem to like it somehow, lol!