Wednesday, May 30, 2007


I sometimes hate that I haven't kept up with this the way I want to. Lately it is because of zippo access at home for the moment. Long story...but I have a new lap top and I hate Vista. That is the basic gist...oh...and I wish I could afford more than dial up!

Anyway, VBS is coming up fast and I think that we are in OK shape. Not great...but it WILL happen and it will amaze us all. The main thing is getting kids (especially our own) to register. I did have a call from a parent letting me know her kids will be coming. They loved last year so I am excited to see them again!

Presbyterian Youth Triennium really isn't that far away either and I am looking forward to it and at the same time am not. Last time I had people I knew to hang out or at least touch base with. This Unless I am surprised an Andy is there...but I am not holding my breath. Not that I NEED someone there to hold my hand...but it helps! :)

Things at the HP have slowed and so I have two more training dates in the Event Office. I am excited about it except that one night is during the John Mayer concert and I really wanted to see him! That's OK though...I need to learn the position during all sorts of events. I have done an ice show and in June it is a Saber Cats game and the concert. I also get to work Will Call for the first time. Best of all, I don't have to work Joel Osteen. I am sorry if you like him, I don't mean to offend...but he is not my cup of tea! The big downside? Besides Strikeforce I have to be at the HP at 7:00 AM the day AFTER VBS! UGH, UGH, UGH!

Things here at church seem to be going well. My numbers pretty much doubled because of CL. I really like the CL kids and that gives us boys...something kind of lacking in the "Anglo" portion of our congregation. I am learning names, but I need to find out ages/grades. The kids know English, but it is a challenge with the parents though we are finding ways and I think it will be fine. This summer we are using a Saddleback DVD curriculum so I can gauge how we are doing and what I need to do as far as teachers and leaders in the fall.

Food still stinks...big time. My weight hasn't budged in weeks which is annoying, but I am not too surprised. Between years of ED and PCOS going undiagnosed my metabolism is a mess. I think the gym will help fuel the furnace a little and I know eating would do that as well, but the desire isn't there a whole lot. I mean I do eat and there are times when I feel like I am doing nothing BUT eating...but I also see that as a distortion. I think the frustration is burning 800+ on the cross ramp and using the weight machines and seeing the scale not move at all. I am trying really hard (and succeeding) to not spend more than 90 minutes at the gym 3-4 days a week...but I really want to be there longer. I would like to do 90 minutes of cardio and then the weights. Make that the other way around. Studies are showing if you do the weights first and then do cardio you burn up to 10% more calories the rest of the day!

My grandfather either has prostate cancer or they aren't sure. My mother has been going with him to appointments and I can't get a straight answer from anyone. I am unamused. I realize it is HIGHLY treatable...but I'd like to be in the loop. I am 37...not three or seven and I think I can handle whatever. The 18th he is going for some procedure and I am picking him up and I'll know more then, unless I can get the 411 from him directly.

I am also in the this weird place that missing sessions with Rob has me stressed and feeling really "weird." I haven't had problems with this in a LONG time. But, ever since my So Cal trip, it has been an issue. Missing Monday was really hard and now I had to cancel the 18th for my grandfather and probably the whole week after that because of VBS. Then I leave for PYT and come home and he is on vacation. I hate that for whatever reason I need him so much right now. It's not like anything life shattering is going in therapy at the moment, but I really hate when we have to skip sessions.

Okay, I am off to make up my VBS wish list!


Dreaming again said...

Hi D.

I've had an interesting week. Aside from Don being in the hospital. Next time you see me on line ..ask ... it's crazy!

Friar Tuck said...

You sound like a very busy girl.