Friday, May 11, 2007

Season Over...Update 1

This is the HP Pavilion. Home of my 2nd job and of the San Jose Sharks! Having the season end prematurely was a heart breaker. Seeing Bill Guerin's injury, the shark and the squid I could have lived quite happily without seeing. I was at the end of the team bench (outside the glass) for game 4 and saw the shark (long story...even longer how it got IN the building) and saw Guerin as they brought him off the ice. The last 90 seconds of Game 6 a Red Wings fan threw a squid on the ice. It had probably been hidden in his pocket for a few hours. The stink was soooooooo bad. But, there wasn't anything any of could have done. A few of us saw it, but couldn't stop it in time.

Another usher equated last Monday's game to the last day of school. The ushers are not seasonal and we work year round, but some people do take a leave over the summer and not every event needs all 170+ of us to work. In fact, I loved picking up my paycheck yesterday because I got to see people! Okay, there is a SJ Sabercats game on Saturday...but still!

So, we have a few months of no hockey and I am really sad. I will miss seeing my fellow ushers several times a week and I will miss the guests. I met some really neat people at the games and enjoyed having conversations with them.

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Dreaming again said...

The squid and the shark thing would just unnerve me. What is wrong with people???