Monday, May 12, 2008

Day 1

Today is my first full day. I drove down yesterday and it only took 5 1/2 hours. Hmmm... I wasn't going THAT fast and other cars were passing me.

I wanted to sleep in, but that wasn't to be! So, I am up and showered. I need to pack up in an hour or so. I think I'll do the pedicure before I go semi-surprise my chiropractor. He knows I am coming...just not sure when I'll show up in his office.

Tonight my friend Steve and I will head out to the Angels game. The picture is from last year. This year I got us tickets on the Club level. That should be fun...and they do in seat service!

Food stuff has me stressed. I am hoping away from the eyes of my mom and stuff that maybe I can normalize it a little...take in a bit more than I am now. Thankfully, there is Bengal BBQ at Disneyland and I could eat there 24/7.

I just need to keep in mind that for four days of this trip I am going to be walking...a lot and that means it's OK to eat more/different stuff than I have been in the last few months.

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