Friday, February 11, 2005

Long Time...No Blog!

This has been a long week and so I haven't had much to say! I was sick most of the week...feeling a bit better now...but still not 100%. I actually took 2 days OFF work to stay home and rest and that is not normal...but I couldn't function...mainly because I felt exhausted. Wednesday I was at least able to get some work done at home and that was good because I have been trying to do a week's worth of stuff the last two days.
Rob FINALLY had a memory lapse. I am not quite sure why, but both of us had a hard time remembering stuff from Monday. I still felt stupid for it...but at least I wasn't alone in the forgetting. He even looked up his notes.
I think he was fairly frustrated with my inability or unwillingness (?) to admit that food is a basic need for life. I think I told him something like, "As long as I don't go 60 days without food it's all good." Then he said I may be having a ahrd time because of the meaning I put to it. That if I move food BACK to the basic needs caregory then it means I will eat more. He said it doesn't have to. THAT is where he missed the boat. I asked him of that meant if I moved it over than I can continue to subsist on XXX number of calories a day? He still didn't get it.
He let me bring Frederick hom with me so he and I will be heading up to Mt. Hermon this afternoon for the Women's Retreat. I can only be there until tomorrow night...but I think I am glad I am going. I am having huge amounts of anxiety (Rob is thrilled is I am acknowledging a feeling) about it...but it was awesome of Cindy to let me take her place so I am going anyway. Frederick will help make it better!
I got to meet Shay yesterday (WOO HOO!) and I was scared spitless over that as well. Not of Shay....cuz she is AWESOME...but the automatic "why would she even WANT to spend time with me? What have I got to offer ANYONE?" stuff. But, I am so glad we did meet and hang out and even eat. And, since that was my first and only meal of the was probably a good thing. I wish we would have more time!

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shay said...

I'm so glad we got to spend time together. You have a lot to offer people in their relationships and life. Thank you for sharing your story with me, and all your stories! Auntie Joy is already wanting me back, so I'm sure I'll be making another trek out there at some point in time. :)

Thanks for letting me hug Frederick. I hope he helped while you were on the womens retreat. Let me know how that went. I was praying for you!

Rock on for Two Story Targets!! YES!