Tuesday, July 05, 2005

Back to "Normal"

VBS is over. Sunday morning the kids got up and sang. They lead the the first three worship songs and then got back up to sing the offertory. It was only 1/2 of them because of the holiday...but they didn't care and our congregation also didn't care at all. After church a few people came up and said that it was very obvious from the look on the kids' faces and their smiles while singing that they had a great time last week.

Last week, J couldn't come the last day because he was going to Yosemite with his family for the holiday. He is a friend of G...one of the active kids in our CM program. G's mom told me that J told his parents he didn't WANT to go to Yosemite...he wanted to come to the last day of VBS! That was very cool to hear.

I had about a 10 minute talk with my SP and he called the whole thing "wonderful" (whew!)and over the next months we are going to think about WHY we do VBS and after we figure that out...what will be our plan for next year. Do we do it in the evening? Do we provide transportation for the kids to get to their day camps so they can do 1/2 day with us and 1/2 there? Do we do our own day camp that week? Since all our walk-ups Googled "San Jose" and "VBS" and found us...how better do we use the Internet, etc. The thing that I LOVE is he and I are on the same page. I told him when I was at PDCM and Craig was talking about knowing the purpose of the programs we do...my first thought was we need to cancel VBS because I have NO CLUE why we do it! So, to hear my SP echo that was very affirming.

We also have the nursery pager system up and running!! Now all I have to do is spend this week in there really looking at the changes I want/need to make. I think the current Nursery/Toddler Room will be swapped with the old one and the current one will be like a "mother's room" where they can change diapers if need be, breast feed, etc. If we can get the service piped into the rooms then I think finding volunteers (we need to make a change in our current staff) will be a bit easier.

Still haven't heard from West Valley and I rty not to dwell...I have too much other stuff to do!

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