Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Ministry "Stuff"

I haven’t talked about ministry stuff much lately. I haven’t because there isn’t a whole lot to say. My role has been reduced to sitting there and being with the kids and then doing whatever Debra needs me to do. That is fine because I love “my” Jr. Highers, but I also feel like I am not doing anything. The hardest part is kids and some parents coming to me to ask about events and stuff and me telling them to ask Debra because I don’t know anything. There isn’t a whole lot of communication going on between Debra and we volunteer peons. I also know this is still an adjustment period for her so I have hope things will improve. There are a few parents concerned with the JH/SH meeting together, but that’s not my call either.

So, I have been told: “Hold off on the Jr. girls Bible Study. I'm trying to get mentors together and really desire for non-staff members to interface with the group. I would prefer that you act more as an advisor so that we encourage greater volunterism among the congregation. I also need to draw closer to the Junior Highers and will probably take them under my wings for a time so that I get to know them more spiritually. The youth are spread thin as it is and to add another layer might be stretching them. I hope you understand and not loose your zeal to interface with the Jr. Highers."

The youth groups lead our final “God Night” on Sunday. It went pretty well. It was a little scattered and kids who once had parts no longer had them because they didn’t show up to YG the last Sunday in September when Debra had to redo the whole night. That caused some tension.

In Children’s Ministry I am gearing up for Trunk & Treat and I have almost 10 cars. For us, that is GREAT. I am aiming for 15. We are hosting Group’s VBS Jump Start in March and so that is on back burner and always in the back of my mind. The rest is just “routine.” The kids will be learning about Peter & Cornelius in Biblemaniacs and Jesus as Messiah in Children’s Church.


Da Youth Guy said...

did she really use the word "interface"?


Interface is for computers, not people.

Hope things settle down for you soon.

Friar Tuck said...

You sound like a busy gal!