Tuesday, October 03, 2006

My First Night Solo...

Saturday night I was "thrown to the wolves" and worked my first event alone. It was the last pre-season Sharks game and there were 12,200 expected. A whole lot more than the 4,000 or so that were there for my training day. I got there early, got my employee ID and picked up my info sheet. I made it down to "the cage" for briefing and then went to my spot.

I spent the first part of the night scanning tickets. I encountered my first rude guest toward the end. If you bring in a stroller, you need to check it in (no room in the aisles) and then you may get it when you leave. I was handing the family off to my supervisor when a rather rude season ticket holder made an issue of me helping the family. I was polite, but what I wanted to say was, "If you had shown up 10 minutes ago you wouldn't be rushing to your seats just before the puck drops!"

They then sent me to my section. I was in the upper bowl (woo hoo...I got to see the game!) and had a good section. There were three guys that I had my eye on because they were downing drinks at a fairly good clip...but they stopped at the beginning of the 3rd period. I did my aisle tours, made sure my section observed hockey etiquette and picked up the Gatorade bottle that was a tripping hazzard.

Toward the middle of the 3rd period there was a great fight! They broke it up and then I did my last aisle tour. I came down and was watching the game and all of a sudden I felt absolutely ill. I really thought I was going to be sick. I went downstiars and Shannon, who was kind of floating, was walking by. I asked her to watch my aisle for a minute so I could just splash some water on my face. Just then our scheduling coordinator came by and I spent the next hour in First Aid. I was just really dehydrated. I had only had one can of Coke all day. Ooops! Lesson learned.

There is a bigger picture than Saturdays incident. I know that there is still some food obsession there...I can struggle with what to eat, when to eat, if to eat, etc. I am not beyond throwing food out to make it appear as if I had eaten a meal...but I don't think I realized until then just how much energy/time is still consumed with all of this. That it still remains a lot deeper engrained than I thought. I think it explains why I am not all "rah-rah" about being two years purge free.

I was thinking about it on my way home from Rob's and can honestly say it's not remotely weight related. That always plays a part...but it still continues to amaze me that this is NOT about weight. It comes down to me needing to figure out a way to stop hating food. Actually, it means I have to stop resenting food for being a life sustaining need.

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Mel said...

Sounds like a good job (minus the whole getting sick part)!

With every day you learn something more about your issues with food, and that's something! 2 years is awesome (at least I think so!)