Friday, January 25, 2008

It's a Labor Saving Device!

I love my JHers! I love the fast they STILL love Veggie Tales, I love the fact we went to a movie theater to see the new movie opening weekend and laughed out loud A LOT, I love that they have Veggie Tales music on their ipods and are proud of it and I pray that they don't lose this sense of fun as they get older.

This current crop of JHers hold a special place in my heart because I have been with the majority of them since they were in 2nd grade. I look at pictures back then and cannot believe they were ever that young (and that I am getting that old!) and all I have witnessed in the last 5+ years.

Now that "my girls" are all in Junior High I am loving (I know...I am using the word a lot...but it's true!) watching them become women of God. I will "catch" Gigi doing some of the neatest stuff ans she doesn't know anyone is watching her. I have seen Emma find her niche in the Nursery/Toddler ministry and Natalie start to realize what being a Christian is and how that fact is changing her in some really good ways. There are others...but these are "my three." The three I have been closest to and probably will be into their adult years.

I told Gigi last year that there was going to come a time that she was not going to want me around all the time. She denied it. I told her that it would happen and it wouldn't be permanent and that I was OK with it. It's starting to happen (a bit) and I really am OK with it, but it's sort of sad at the same time. Heck, the girl is wearing clothes that match and she just turned 13 so none of this is total surprise...but I thought I'd have another year!

Part of me want to move up with her in 2010 and she has asked, but by then I will have been her Children's Minister and JH Leader for a long time and she needs to do it without me. Not that she needs me and not that I won't be around...but I want her to experience other leaders (if we ever get any) and be in a group without me.

Until those decisions need to be made, I am going to enjoy that the girls can still be silly and don't mind it one bit!

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