Friday, March 14, 2008

Bumps Along the Way...

No one ever said this was going to be easy. But, as I am a few short weeks from the 5th anniversary of my last IP treatment, one would think it would be a bit easier by now.

I told Rob yesterday that we would still be having this food/weight/exercise/scale/ED obsession conversation contest or no contest...the contest just accelerated it all. I don't see it as a bad thing because it's actually been "great" talking about the ED stuff...or the root of it.

Back in December he said this to me at one point: "When are you going to talk about something important?" That sent me reeling and we were about to go into a break because of the holidays. I was upset, I was mad and I was a little confused. I remember telling him I thought I HAD been. Now, chances are I started to go off on a tangent and I lost happens a lot...but that comment opened my eyes to stuff...I just haven't bee sure what that stuff was. I wrote him a ranting letter about him giving me a reality check, etc., but when he asked me about it in January I couldn't tell him why and we talked through the rest of it. Since then it hasn't really let me go.

The last couple weeks I have been finally able to formulate some of what was going on in my head into some words. I tried to spit them out yesterday and thank God (literally) He gave Rob the wisdom and discernment to figure out exactly what I meant. Okay, almost 5 1/2 years helps as well...but I was having trouble and Rob got it and said back to me exactly what I was trying to say.

I love my job at the HP. God has used it in amazing ways. I love the guests (most of the time), I love the people I work with (with few exception), I love the sups (more and more all the time), Mike & David are great guys and it has given me a huge confidence/competence/a bunch of other stuff boost. The majority of the time I do what I do because I am there to serve the guests, our department, etc. and not for what I might or might not get from it. I have been absolutely blessed that they have seen something in me that has allowed me some additional training opportunities and responsibility and most nights I can walk out of there pretty sure I have served our guests, fellow staff and sups to the best of my abilities though there are nights I walk out of there kicking myself for some dumb mistakes (i.e. telling a guest to go left rather than right). I feel good about that stuff, but I don't do it to feel good about myself. I guess that's not 100% true. I guess that is the result of doing my job fairly well most of the time, but not my sole motivation.

My point? In that moment Rob said what he did...I realized that I really still hate myself. It is such a conflict because I see what God has done/is doing through this job and at church and yet the feeling of being a waste of space and wanting to take up less space is there.

Yesterday Rob talked about taking care of myself (more than just the grooming/every day stuff) because I have a lousy relationship with myself. He's not really wrong I guess. I told him that I know the big picture of what's going to happen if I keep messing up and I told him there is a part of me that doesn't care and part of me hates that part with a passion. What I need to tell him that I didn't before I left yesterday is that I don't matter. At work what the guests need, what others need from me when I am there is paramount. I wouldn't have it any other way. At church...the kids come first and foremost.

Don't ask me how eating below XXXX calories is going to help anyone...but I am somehow convinced it will. I told him as long as I am not purging what's the big deal? I then told him I know what the big deal is and that's where the "I don't care" stuff came in.

We went over the 50 minutes or whatever we usually do this week...over an hour. So we either went 10 minutes over or 20. That time has been a gift.

So, tonight it is back to Sharks and hopefully our 11th win in a row. The excitement is going to be amazing in the bowl tonight and I get to be there. Wow!

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