Sunday, March 23, 2008

The "R" Word

No one has used the "r" word yet...but I know it's on their minds. My appointment with Toni was probably the hardest one I have EVER had with her in five years!

I had to commit to one step this week. It will be milk. I realized I quit drinking it. Actually, I have cut most protein and most not whole grain carbs (which I know is a GOOD thing) out of my food choices with the exception of popcorn. In fact, with few exceptions, I am living on popcorn, veggies and a little lean protein if I think about it. Yes, I know this is not smart, good nor helpful...that's why I have Toni. :)

I honestly told her I don't know what to eat anymore. She told me that tells her that I have restricted what I will allow myself to eat so much that at this point I face a battle to not purge when I eat something not on my list. She's right. I haven't purged and haven't really come close...but the few times lately when I am having to eat things I am not comfortable with but need to in order to do what I need to do I have wanted to get rid of it.

I didn't realize how much I have cut out of what was an infinite choice of food in the last several weeks. I guess peanut butter should have been my first clue because I ALWAYS cut it out first. I just didn't think about it. The sad thing is I am EXCITED I haven't put a potato chip in my mouth in months. Not that anyone needs chips...but if you look back to December I was flipping eating lobster rolls and ice cream!

Salad dressing that isn't that isn't fat free will not pass my lips. I have become a fan of diet soda (Sprite Zero is my friend) and I think my mother has no clue what to think. Sometimes she seems to think everything is OK and other times she appears to be making an effort to shop (I do most of it...but she has to at times) for what she thinks I might eat because she knows something not quite right.

Rob and I have been tackling this every session for weeks now. I think Toni and I are finally able to connect every other week (with frequent emails) now that most of my busy schedule is behind me and this is a good thing.

But I really do think it's pathetic the only step I could give her is to try and add milk in the next couple weeks. At least it can be fat free milk! That is NOT and ED thing. I accidentally bought some when I was 10 and my mom said I had to drink it. Totally developed a taste for it and now that is pretty much all I will drink. It seems stupid to be a cow and order a non-fat "whatever at Starbucks...but that's what type of milk I am used to drinking.

Later this week I will try and post something happier because it was a great morning at church. I missed 95% of the service due to the breakfast and egg hunt...but I got to see a bunch of "my kids" get confirmed and/or baptized and that was amazing!


Dreaming again said...

It is downright creepy how it sneaks up on one before it is even a decision.

Friar Tuck said...

I bet the confirmation stuff was fun