Sunday, March 28, 2004

Blogger Pageant


It is a little different to other weeks, this week you need to imagine you are in a beauty pagaent (ok, its a stretch for some of us). You've gotten through the swimsuit and evening wear sections and its time to answer a question.

My choice: Do you prefer to have friends of the same sex or opposite sex? Why?

Wow! What an interesting question! Where do you judges come up with this stuff?

While I have friends of both sexes, I would have to say I prefer being friends with the opposiue sex. Not because I am anything great to look at so I can "tease" the guys, not because I want all the male attention to myself...but I feel more comfortable with them. Of course, that presents a problem should I become attracted to them...but all in all it works best for me!

I think it because on my father's side of the family, I am grandchild #6 of 9. Numbers 1-5? All boys. Number 7? A boy. Eight and nine are girls, but Kimberly came almost 6 years after me and so I was in "good' with the boys by then. I never went through a "boys are icky" stage and meant it and even being somewhat of a girlie-girl (give me pink and lace anytime) I tend to gravitate toward the male of the species.

I have also never been hurt by a male friend the way I have by female friends...EVER. Yeah, they tick me off and frustrate me like anyone else...but all in all, guys just seem to "get" me. So, given the choice of being stuck on an island with one or the other...I'll take a guy any day!

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