Thursday, May 12, 2005


I went into the interview being told this was just the beginning of their search. I knew that and figure this could be a 2-3 month process if they like me. I left there being told I would be asked to come back next week. I got the call yesterday and I will be going back next Tuesday at 7:30 PM for a 2nd interview.

What I liked about this interview is that is was and was not an interview. We talked about a lot of things and I think as I spoke I answered questions they had on their minds. It was thrown together so quickly that they admitted they weren't as prepared and one of them forgot my resume!

Next week will be with the Christian Ed. Commission and the Sunday School Superintendent who is a wonderful volunteer. She puts in like 30 hours a week!

They also broached the subject of me being Director for both Children and Youth. I said yes I would be open and that is mainly because of the SSS...what she does would take a HUGE load off me...or whoever gets the job.

One perk is the church owns a duplex and there is a good chance of renting part of it. I would never take the job because of it...but what a nice surprise that was!

I just want what God wants for me and to serve Him the best I can!

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