Monday, November 21, 2005


I am SO glad our office is closed all week. I feel like crud. Like it's inevitable that I'm going to come down with a full-blown head cold at any second. My throat hurts, my nose has been runny/stuffy at times, my head hurts, my eyes are red. I feel like one sneeze is going to bring all the symptoms out for good! I've been trying Zicam, but I am thinking I did it too late...that I ignored the little pain in the back of my throat one too many days. And, while many people do not have fevers with their colds...I usually do.

It's going around, though. I think I caught it from someone in our cake decorating class the lasty night. Either that or from "C" who caught it from her daughter. My sore throat is keeping me awake...but I am going to try and sleep it off!

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