Friday, November 17, 2006

My mom called a little while ago. Turns out she caught my cold. I'm not surprised. She wasn't feeling well last night and figured she's wake up sick this morning. Then she tells me she doesn't know here she got it. Ummm...I tried not to be around her...but a sneeze in the car could have done it! I know there are so many people sick around here that it might not have been me...but I am sure I am the guilty one.

I get one more day/night of rest before I work at the other job tomorrow. I am really thankful. I actually feel a little worse than I did earlier in the week. I'm still sneezy and stuffy and am blowing gross stuff out of my nose. I probably should have taken more than one sick day!


Dreaming again said...

I'm sure you did too're good at spreading that cold around! ACHOO!!!! ;)

just kidding ... couldn't resist!


Hope you're both feeling better soon ... did the dayquil help?

Friar Tuck said...

I have been feeling a little the same way at times.