Wednesday, July 25, 2007

From Sabercats, to PYT to Sanjaya...

Sabercats will WIN the Arena Bowl on Sunday! I worked the final game on a concourse aisle!

Small Group Leader Orientation

We don't ask the kids to do anything we won't do! Wish I had a picture of ours...we got the biggest laughs. It is Peter walking on water and three of us were the waves and so we stood there and waved. :)

We were learning a new energizer so at least 200 knew what we were doing. "salsa, salsa,

Getting ready to enter the Elliott Hall of Music for opening worship!

Energizers as seen from the balcony!

I worked the AI concert last night. Not sure if this was from SJ or LA. Need I say more?

More PYT stuff to come!

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Mel said...

:( I'm going to call you one of these nights for a FULL report....I can't promise anything for '10 but let's at least try again!