Sunday, July 01, 2007

Some VBS Set Up Pix

We somewhat turned Cowpoke Crafts and Missions into a barn.

This is where we held Sing and Play Stampede and Showtime Round Up

This was part of Chadder's Wild West Theater Room

I had this "paneling" for our snack lasted a day, but the "Wanted" signs were up all week!

This was our Day 1 Wild Bible Adventures set up...Rahab's roof!


Chris said...

It all looks great! Any of the visitors show for church today?

The Thief said...

fun decorations! I wish that the creativity that I saw in VBS would stick around the church the rest of the year!!!

Mel said...

Looks like fun! I missed doing VBS in a weird way but it was nice to not worry about getting volunteers (always my stress point).