Wednesday, July 04, 2007

I (Heart) Facebook!

On this 4th of July...I wish I was at work. It is just another for me. One that I have to figure out what to eat/not eat. Although, I did eat oatmeal this morning.

Anyway, I had a friend request on Facebook. Another ado from when I was at RLP. Okay, she is 20 years old now, but back then she was 16!

Lately it has been important to connect with the girls I was at RR with...both times. Not for any particular reason...but right now I just like to be connected with them. The fact that any of the ados remember me is actually kind of cool and amazing.

Triennium is only 11 days away (well...until I leave anyway) and I am really excited about it. This week and next week will be getting to know my material and figuring out what to pack. I don't want to over pack this time. I also want to get a more functional bag for my laptop. Oh...I also need to load stuff onto iTunes to get ready.

I come back and Rob is on vacation which stinks. I dunno...maybe and almost 3 week break will be good.

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