Wednesday, September 29, 2004

My Uncle is an Idiot!

Yesterday my g'ma informed me that the man who molested me is going to go visit my Uncle Mike in a couple weeks. She didn't know NOT to tell me because she is unaware of the abuse.

I had actually managed to block out his whole name until yesterday. I had given him another last name. Hearing brought back his name and his face to me. I had blocked that out as well.

My aunt and uncle know full well what happened...I wrote them myself. I cannot believe they are allowing him into their lives again. I have forgiven him...I really have...but forgiveness doesn't always mean welcoming someone back into your life. I guess it does for my family and I thank God they are far away in WA. I would be more upset if this was actually happening here.

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Anonymous said...

Argh. So sorry. Sometimes people just do not have or get a clue.