Sunday, December 26, 2004

The Day After...

I survived. I survived my dad's family and my own.
Christmas Eve was at my dad's side of the family. Awkard as I have almost NO relationship with them. My dad has been gone almost 32 years and this Xmas Eve thing is an awkward few hours. It was OK this time. Talked with one of my cousins' wives a lot and my Auntie Joyce and it was way better than last year. OKay, after last year nothing could get much worse.
I mentioned something about this year may be better as I was a little distracted last year. He asked why. He forgot about last year for a moment. Silly man.
Xmas Eve Day was Hell on earth with my mother. Xmas was OK until we got home alone.
I wish I had someplace to take of to this week. But, this is a GOOD thing since Rob is not forever.

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