Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Lock-In Countdown...

The Jr. High Lock-In is Friday night! My first lock-in in over three years! I think it is going to be fun. My SP and I are planning a great night. Pizza, "Narnia," games, marshmallow guns, Communion, video games, etc., etc. I love being a volunteer again and even got a thank you email from one of the parents! My SP and I are going to meet tomorrow to pund out the final details and then spend Friday AM turning one of my SS rooms into Narnia. We are taking some ideas from the last "Group" and from Narnia Resources and adpating them for us. Neither were totally thrilled with all the stuff out there, but there is enough to get the point across without pounding it all into their heads!

It's been fun to work with my SP in this capacity. I think it helps all the way around. Oh, and he liked my Nursery/Toddler Room plan! Now, I have to do a floor plan and time line! Ugh! It can get WILL get done...but it is an "ack" moment for me!

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