Wednesday, December 07, 2005

The Other Stuff

I started this blog (thanks Gman!) on a suggestion and as much as it truly is about the many, many, MANY up and downs about recovery...with YM coming back into my life there has been a lot of Jr. High stuff as well as, of course, Children's Ministry stuff as it should be!

But, my dieitian said somethig to me a couple weeks ago that got me to thinking. We were talking about my reasons for going into major restrict mode and besides feeling Rob took some control away from me, she thinks that I pour so much into the good things that are going on in my life, that I ignore ME and my basic needs (food & water). I think she has a point. Unfortunately, even knowing all this, eating is such a HUGE battle these days. I do it and on a good day I may even hit 1,000 calories, but there have been days I have been close to tears during and after an "eating episode." I really need to snap out of it!

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Gman said...

It all starts with loving yourself then others.

Thanks for the Kudos.