Tuesday, December 27, 2005

Faithful is...

...seeing a 49er football game that means nothing in the pouring down rain! I can't wait!!!

I got 2 tix for the 49er game from eBay. They may be in the end zone...but they are Lower Box seats and having sat there before...the seats are really pretty good. I'm just excited to go to a game...of course it would be nice if they were playing a team other than Houston and have it mean something...but I can't wait to go!!!

Christmas...I finally got an iPod!! My mom got me a black 4 GB Nano and wrapped it in a bag in a bag in a box in a huge box. I was beginning to wonder because it was the only thing I asked for.

I also got a $50 gift card for Berean Christian Store and 7 matinee tix for the Century theaters! My grandma knows me well!


Da Youth Guy said...

A game that means nothing! It's the Reggie Bush bowl! Come on girl!



Gary said...

That's right< girl. Down here in Houston, everyone's excited. We might LOSE!

Joann said...

My taxi customer "Bill" will be the head ref for the game. He is a good guy and very honest.

Da Youth Guy said...


Overtime and everything right? How was the game?