Wednesday, January 25, 2006


There are times I wished I DID use bad language, because I would let a few words fly out of my mouth.

This is really nothing major, but in a week of the medical stuff with my grandparents, actually getting the guts to tell Rob I feel dead inside and just day to day stuff...the straws are piling up.

Yesterday I am buying a newspaper and a bottle of water and my check card wouldn't go through. I am cutting it close to pay day next week, but I had enough in there to cover that purchase. The clerk thought it could be a problem at my bank. So, off I go to the mall so I could see a movie. My card doesn't work at my bank ATM. I go inside and find out that my card has been blocked. I was like the 20th person to have this problem. It sounds as if someone hacked into the system and either put holds on the cards so they could use them and we couldn't...or it was caught and so no one could use the cards they blocked them. Ugh! So, they put a rush on my card and I hope to have it by Friday.

This morning my "Service Engine Soon" light came on. I don't think it is major, but I really can't pay for it. Well, I guess I'll cancel Rob. I was doing okay financially and I am not overspending, but I think I am still playing catch up from Christmas and my small cushion is gone.

And to is only Wednesday!
Update: My gas cap was loose. And people say God has no sense of humor! :)

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