Wednesday, January 04, 2006

You'd Think They Won the Super Bowl!

Sorry I haven't updated since the game. On my way to get my grandfather I just missed having a huge tree crash down on my car. In the less than 5 minutes it took to drive through the intersection, get my grandpa and be off again, a 3 ft. in diameter tree fell (we were having a storm...lots of wind...nothing compared to Napa though) across all of Meridian Ave. When I dropped him off the tree was still there and when I got home we had no electricity and no heat. This went on for 30 hours!

The game was a lot of fun...even in the rain! However, the 49ers being the 49ers, we never saw them too much at our end of the field! Thankfully, the jumbotron was in fine condition! Getting to see Alex Smith finally throw a TD pass and to watch Nedney in action was a wonderful thing.

One guy called out (not that anyone but those around him could hear) to Alex Smith, "Put stick'em on your hands and keep it there!" There is talk of Smith's small hands, but Rich Gannon says that Smith's hands dwarf his. Who knows? I, for one, am glad he can run, but there were those around me who "don't want another Steve Young." Hmmm....they are nuts! Each first down meant much rejoicing in the stands! Kind of sad when there are celebrations that we managed a 1st down...but celebrate we did!

Some bozo decided to come in their Oakland Raider gear. He stayed pretty quiet for most of the game. Maybe it was the beer, but he finally began causing problems and baited two 49er fans into a "heated debate." Next thing we know, the police are escorting all three men out. Then there was the guy who showed up in a Green Bay jacket. He was already on his way out when he got into a shouting match with another 49er faithful.

The rain wasn't too bad until toward the end. If there had been double OT we might have left. As we were walking to the car the sky really opened up and it poured all the way home. The newspaper said there were 30,000 there from the start and 20,000 by the time the game ended. That made getting out of the parking lot so much easier. I went to to buy a parking pass and that was the best thing I could have done. If I knew how to get from the Bayshore Caltrain station to the game we probably would have done that instead of driving...but I was clueless.

I loved being able to go to a practice and am so glad I made it to one game this year. Tickets are so expensive! If the 49ers were doing well there would have been no way I would have been able to get 2 tix for less than the price of one on eBay. And, though we were in the end zone, if I had the $$ to buy regular priced tickets why would I want to sit in UR?

Okay, I need to get back to work! I have a brochure I need to finish for our 4th-5th grade camp! :)


Anonymous said...

It sounds like you had a good time and received many blessings (easier time getting out of the lots, missing the tree...etc!)

Take care,
Becky aka orange41

Gary said...

I watched the game on TV. It was very exciting, and the outcome was great. We LOST. Gary in Texas.