Tuesday, March 21, 2006

The Bad and The Ugly...

As I said last week or was it the week before...this would be in the wrong order when you read the titles (The Good, the Bad and the Ugly). That's okay though.

Where do I start? My aunt and uncle from WA came down for a few days to visit. I have known this for a few weeks and have had plenty of time to dread the fact. The last time I saw my uncle was the year after his best friend molested me. I wrote a letter to my uncle several years after the fact. In the last year or so, the two men have rekindled their friendship. I sort of see both sides of this whole thing, but I am still unamused about their relationship.

Their visit started out okay. By the end of the first night, I was really glad to see them. That carried over to the second night. Then came Saturday night and "the ugly."

My mom is not supposed to drink. As many know, alcohol and anti-d's do NOT mix. The last time she was drunk...she came home and OD'd. But, I was driving (her driving scared their dog...and for good reason) so she decided to toss common sense out the window. We had a wait at the restaurant and so we were in the bar. I had a Coke and the rest of them had beer, wine and/or VO and water. I raised my eyebrows to my mom but she told me she'd only have a glass or two. Well, that two turned into three and ended up somewhere between 6-8 glasses when all was said and done.

My grandmother was not yet drunk so she knew how freaked I was. She asked me if I wanted her to spend the night. I told her no (which is a good thing because she ended up really drunk) that I would just take her pills and put them in my roon when I got home. My aunt and uncle kept telling me to relax and allow my mom to have fun. HA! I had to be up Sunday AM and didn't want to wake up to finding her dead.

So, the drunker my grandmother got the more she had to lay into her ex-husband (father of her kids) which my uncle really didn't want to rehash. We learned that he belittled my uncle until the day he died and my uncle kept reminding my grandmother he is not his father. Then came the "revelation" that my uncle was my grandmother's face (first born and all) and my other uncle was her 1st husband's fave. Oh...and offering to raise the offspring of your children runs in my family. I guess my great grandparent's wanted to raise my uncle and when I was a kid my grandmother always begged to raise me.

We got home and I took the pills and put them in my room. My mom told me I didn't have to worry. A few minutes later she tells my aunt that it's a good thing I did because when it comes to good times like this she doesn't want them to end. And suicide is going to help the good times keep going??? OOOOOK.


Dreaming again said...

(((((((((( Deneice ))))))))))))

Mel said...

Ditto the hug! You have much more strength than I, I think I would have found ways to have "other plans".

The Thief said...

That has to be a tough situation. It really ticks me off when people give the "relax and let her have fun" comments when it's something potentially deadly that's posing as "fun"


I'm sorry that you have to deal with that. That's not cool at all.