Thursday, March 02, 2006

Where Does the Time Go???

I looked at the date of my last blog entry. The 23rd??? Seems like it was a lot sooner than that...but I guess not.

This weekend I am taking 4 of our 4th and 5th graders up to Mount Hermon's Redwood Camp for the Junior Get Away! It is supposed to rain buckets...but it should be a lot of fun. I am looking forward to it. I get to go back next week because of our Presbytery Jr. High Retreat...but we aren't taking any kids. Ugh! The kids loved it last year so I don't know what the deal is now. Oh well...more time for me! :)

It's been an interesting ride becoming a volunteer again. I like it...and it is very much the way it was when I was a volunteer at the CC. I was a volunteer...BUT...what I did as a volunteer was a different than what the other volunteers were doing. More planning, more leading, etc. I don't mind it...just a little weird!

Last Saturday was the first Core I attended as a volunteer in a long time. I'll post about that later. I am still processing it. I left really frustrated and that has never happened before. I'm trying to figure out why and how much of is me and how much of it is the
event itself.

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