Wednesday, June 23, 2004

Day Three...

Yesterday we cast the play and it went easier than we had anticipated. This was a total blessing. We did create a part for one of the kids...but that was it.

It came down to the lead (a boy and girl) and they were evenly matched. So, we asked another parent to come up with a number between 1-10. Sean got the number and we created the role of "Amy" for Gigi and all is well. They are in music right now.

I dunno. I have been trying to really look for things that make me angry and since Monday there really isn't anything. I am either repressing like I have never repressed before or there hasn't been anything. My mother mad some dumb comment (well...a FEW dumb comments)yesterday, but other than that everything has been OK.

Not sure what I am going to tell Rob tomorrow. Then again...why does there have to be something each day that may make me mad? There doesn't. I just don't want him to think I have been ignoring it.

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