Sunday, June 13, 2004

Parent Meeting Tonight!

I really have no reason to be anxious...but I am. My left shoulder is so tense it hurts. I love the parents of our kids...I really and truly do. I think I am doing an OK one is 100% perfect and i really want the feedback. I should have a lot of confidence because my SP was so OK with me doing this without him here...but I am scared spitless. Literally...I keep drinking water to no avail.

We are going to cast our vision, try and recruit a couple more parents to the leadership team and give them our summer schedule. Sounds great...right? Ack!

I called Rob and rambled to him...but I am not sure if I can get up there and remember anything. Then again...maybe no parents will show up? Wouldn't that be a kick?


Anonymous said...

so friend - how did it go?


Anonymous said...

Tina here:
I hated those parent meeting too. I also had many where I had planned everything down to when I would even breathe... and no one showed up! URGH!
Praying yours went better!