Sunday, June 20, 2004

Off and Running...

I am working each day between now and next Sunday...I am looking forward to having Monday, June 28th off so I can do NOTHING but go to the YMCA and see Rob!

This going back to the gym thing is scary as heck. The wanting to overdo it is so strong and the not wanting to eat after is even stronger...but I have been able to combat it and do it anyway...with much venting and whining to both Rob and Toni. I don't get to see Toni for another 9 days (ACK) and after 4 weeks of just some emails...a 1/2 hour is not going to be enough time at all. I shoulkd have booked and hour and worried about the $$ later.

I leave for Triennium in 4 weeks and already have some anxiety about not having a session with Rob that week at all. In fact, I probably won't be able to call him or anything that week. In some ways it is kinda cool because I have not have been away from any form of communication with him since I started seeing him. I mean...even when he was on vacation last summer I was able to email him for when he got home. I think I did that once. I don't think I would care as much except I am going to be back in Indiana and that is anxiety prodcuing all by itself. On the other hand...I will have a chance to see how I deal with the anxiety and memories. to do the work my intern didn't do last week!

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