Sunday, June 27, 2004

I Am so Ashamed...

VBT is over and they did a great job...I mean they had 5 days to learn this whole show and the performance was only the third FULL run through they did!

Not that I expect any big thnak yous or anything...but my SP asked me if I had ANYTHING to do with it!!!! Ummm...all the PR, registration, bills, running lines, helping to cast, doing the oprnings each morning, doing whatever I saw needed to be done before Peter could ask, talking to parents PLUS my regular job but no...I had NOTHING to do with it!

Actually, I had one parent come up and thank me. Our director got all the other helpers (female adults and teens) a really pretty carnation corsage...and I was left out. I know I shouldn't let it get to me...but I was here on my day off, I was here on time when he was late and got staff together. I know...I know...this is my JOB...but it still hurt to see everyone else get acknowledged.

This would be a "human moment" as Rob would say and probably will if I tell him about this tomorrow. I think I "should" be beyond feeling like this. HELLO...we all knowwe are so not in ministry for fame nor money so I don't think I "should" feel like this. Blech!

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Andy said...

We all feel like that. I feel like that really frequently. It sucks not to be recognized; left out; etc. and yes, we ALL feel like that. Nothing wrong with feeling like that, either. :-)