Thursday, June 24, 2004

My Mother is an Idiot...

Another very wise person said to me, "...and this is new because....?" This is true...but very rarely I am really, really, REALLY close to sharing that with her. I didn't...oh my gosh no...but it was so there.

We were talking last night and I asked her if she had heard about Mary Kate Olsen. She said she had and then she says that she can't believe iot because the girls has EVERYTHING! Augh! Like $$ and fame is a vaccine against what goes on in one's head! MK has said it very well herself, SATs, college, leaving for college, the business (Dual Star), the movie (which flopped)...I can see exactly why it would has nothing to do with having "nothing" or "everything." It has EVERYTHING to do with CONTROL.

The odd thing about what my mother said is that my grandmother said that to ME about ME in March. The night she was wasted when we were in Napa she asked me how I could have problems when my family had given me everything.

This one is going to be a kick to process with Rob today!


Nikkiana said...

I don't quite understand why some people think that just because you have everything means you're automatically going to be happy. There is countless evidence everywhere that possessions, power, money, etc. do not make you happy.

liz said...

my mom and my friends have never gotten it either. for me, food is the ONE thing i've had in my life that i could control... everything else felt like it was out of my hands (and in some cases it was). some of the comments i've heard people making about Mary-Kate, and other cases, just makes my blood boil. i know that unless you've been there, you can't truly understand, but you'd think they could at least TRY to empathize instead of criticize.

(((safe hugs)))