Thursday, March 31, 2005

I wish I were dead...or at least totally numb...I wish someone would just make it all stop. Why can't someone just shoot me??


Dreaming again said...

Because, you are dearly loved, and would be deeply, deeply missed!!!

You may not use this in response to me ... ;)
but, you can't be numb, because you have to feel to be whole, and God gave us feeling for a reason!

Love you girl, and praying for you!

Anonymous said...

I totally understand your feeling....I'm 6 years into recovery from bingeing/purgeing/dieting/starving, and today (after a binge) I feel just like that. Which is how I found this website. But I know it's just a feeling, beneath it is a sure hope that it will pass and things will get better. That I'll let go of the need to overeat when I'm ready to. That I'll someday be willing to make room in my heart for my anger so that I can heal. Today's not that day. It's ok. I forgive myself. I love myself and approve of myself and my decisions today,e ven the ones that turn out badly. Thanks, Deneice, for being so honest. You've helped me. Love you, too!!!